Richmond Virginia Backyard Wedding | Lacy + Eric | Pop Castle | White Stone, VA

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Richmond Virginia Backyard Wedding (with woodfire pizza and donuts) | Pop Castle | White Stone, VA

When you think of weddings near Richmond in the summer, you imagine a laid back affair in a classic Virginia backyard, eating pizza and drinking beer with the cool breeze coming off one of the rivers that eventually feeds into the bay. And that’s what Lacy and Eric’s wedding was - to perfection.

Pop Castle is a charming example of old plantation homes along the water. Perfectly situated a short drive from Richmond, it’s the best retreat from the heat of the summer. Lacy and Eric stayed at the house the whole week leading up to the wedding to enjoy time with their closest family and friends - and to get many of their custom details ready for their wedding day. I loved so much how intentional they were with their time leading up to the day.

The wind was blowing through Lacy’s hair as they stood beneath the archway they made out of books. The breeze smelled of all the nearby blossoms as they said their beautiful vows which were made up of words that they had written in letters to one another over the years of being together. They Lacy’s brother read the most beautiful passage and Eric’s father played the trumpet. The weather threatened a storm and rain as the afternoon went on and some intense wind knocked over their arch during cocktail hour. Everyone ran off for shelter as the table centerpieces in the reception tent blew over. Lacy and Eric ran off to find shelter as well, almost falling over with laughter.

The winds died down and we watched the sun set on edge of the pier on the river. Everyone ate pizza and donuts and danced like crazy into the night.

Thank you to Andrea for being there for me this year. You’ll see some of her images sprinkled throughout.

VENUE - Pop Castle
FLORALS - Wild Bunch
MAKE-UP ARTIST - Blushtones
CATERING - River City Woodfire Pizza
Dessert: Carytown Cupcakes & Sugar Shack Donuts 
DRESS - Tiffany's Bridal

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