Wedding Day Pricing

| Full day Wedding Photography with a second photographer starts at 4400

| Local weddings with just Emma start at 3600

| Wedding Films begin at 3400

Not sure exactly where your wedding fits?
Reach out for a custom quote or full pricing information.

One last totally crazy thing - although I do need to pay the tax man and keep the lights on and maintain the magical devices that make the shutter go click - the device that captures your awesome once in a lifetime moments - I get that sometimes our eyes can be bigger than our stomachs.  Or our desires bigger than our wallets.  Whatever the saying is.  If anything that I've said resonates with you and really speaks to your heart - get in touch with me.  Maybe there was a moment that you just knew that no other photographer would do - that tells me that you're probably my people. 

I believe in taking care of my people.  You and your family do not represent dollar signs to me.  Be transparent - tell me what your budget is and just maybe we can try to find a way to work together.  It's worth a shot.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. - Wayne Gretzky" - Michael Scott





kind words from clients…


“Emma is truly a special person--she is kind, conscientious, and incredibly talented. Photography was probably my number one priority when planning my wedding. I'm very picky and wanted photos that captured the emotion and mood of my wedding day. I saw Emma's photos and I absolutely fell in love. Then, she exceeded my expectations on every level. From the beginning, she was interested in learning about who my husband and I are, and not on a surface level. Even through email, she makes you feel comfortable and special.”
- Katie & Adam


I photograph families too!

…you know, outside of wedding days.

The sweetest days are often the most ordinary. Sometimes that means we forget to document them. Let’s correct that, shall we?

My approach with families is very similar to weddings and is a mixture of fine art and family photojournalism.

Sessions begin at 600.