Hi there -

My name is Emma and I’m a wedding + elopement photographer based out of Richmond, VA.

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These are not my photos…

They are your memories. Time passes, memories are fickle and fade, but your photos will live on and be your ever present and tangible reminder.

I became a photographer to document… but ultimately to remember. Together, we can preserve the moments that you want to put in your pocket and keep in your heart.  The way the light shines just right as the wind runs through your hair, a hug so wonderful and warm that it sinks into your bones, or when your love gives you a look… a look that says everything that there are no words for.  The moments that leave you grateful and breathless.  The ones that you want to revisit again and again until the end until you pass them on to those you leave behind as tributes of gratitude and joy that you once shared together.


I don’t think that I’m the coolest of cools. I am a mama of three amazing, beautiful little humans and have devoted so much of myself to be their mama - the kind of mother their sweet souls deserve. In the midst of what has felt like a sacrifice, they have taught me to open my heart and give love in a way I never would have been able to do without them. Through these new eyes, I see all these beautiful moments that I want to remember forever and hope that when my time comes, I get to relive all those amazing moments again in my final breaths. That love of family and desire to hold on to moments in my memory is the very heart of my business. That’s what I want to do for people - give them images of all their love so they can hold it to their bosom and remember forever, until the last. I can’t imagine ever wanting to stop doing this work.

I believe that the most beautiful things are simple and genuine. I like things like watching the flowers in my garden grow from seeds. Enjoying a warm cup of coffee on our front porch. Giggling with my children and giving really big hugs. Holding my husband’s hand. Making each day it’s own kind of adventure and sharing that adventure with the people that I love most.