Romantic + Industrial Elopement Inspiration | Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer

If you would have asked me last year at this time what 2018 would look like, I would have given a very different answer than I do now.  I would have told you that I wanted to book twice the amount of weddings that I've laid out and given you a very full list of personal and business goals that I've now reduced.  The Fall of 2017 changed our plans when we decided to try for another child and we were blessed by the realization in October that we were expecting.  I like to think of myself as a flexible person, but I do find it difficult to cram all of my goals and to-do items into a reasonable time span.

I planned this inspirational shoot while turning the room that was my office into a nursery.  The freshly painted walls and the beautiful light that comes in made me want to explore something different - something that I don't often get to do.  I love being in nature, and I'm sure anyone who views my portfolio will attest to that, but I also love to work in the city - in the grit on the streets with intense shadows from buildings.  I spent my college years a few after living in Philadelphia and I so miss riding my bike through the city streets. 

This entire shoot takes place indoors, in a private home and at a local warehouse location, with the dim winter light as my guide.  The models didn't have their hair and make up done - I wanted to create a look that was more natural and ethereal.  The dresses come from a vintage clothing store in downtown Edinburgh from my trip to Scotland last July.  I bought them imagining the beautiful scottish ladies that must have worn them decades ago when they promised themselves to their charming, rugged beaus.  The tablescape items are from Target and the florals by Forbidden Floral CoCollectorNorfolk was gracious enough to host half of our shoot - a warehouse location that hosts many types of events, including weddings.