Shiela + David | Commune Neon District Wedding | Norfolk, VA | Richmond Wedding Photographer


I feel like I've waited my career to book a wedding at Commune in the Neon District of Norfolk.  That's not entirely fair, since it hasn't been Commune in that building for very long, but when you're talking about farm to table food and amazing lattes, time stretches out.  I couldn't have asked for a better wedding with which to kick off the 2018 season.  Good food - good company - an amazing couple like David and Shiela - what more could you ask for?

Shiela and David were most excited about eating yummy things and dancing with their friends and family and everything about their day was about having a good time with those closest to them.  They got ready in the home that they share together and had their first look at The Hermitage Museum not far away.  As a military couple, you're often moving around and not incredibly close geographically to friends and family.  It's quite an event - maybe even a once in a lifetime one - when everyone that you care for and love the most comes together in the same room to share a meal and party together.  I'm not sure that these two ever stopped smiling the whole day.  A semi-secret detail is that the sword that David is wearing belonged to his father and his grandfather before him.  Quite an honor to have such an heirloom by your side on such an important day.

This was the first wedding that Andrea, my intern this year, has attended.  There's one or two of her images thrown into this mix. 

Ceremony/ Reception Venue/ Caterer : Commune
First Look/ Family Formal Location : The Hermitage Museum & Gardens
Dress : David's Bridal
DJ : Astro Entertainment