McAfee's Knob Engagement | Roanoke, VA | Nancy + Tom


Nancy and Tom's sunrise engagement session at McAfee's Knob near Roanoke, VA a few weeks ago was so memorable.  I'm more excited than ever to photograph their wedding this Fall.

They camped in their car at the trailhead so that they couldn't oversleep.  My car was the only one driving up the mountain road as the rain beat against my windshield.  Nancy gave me such a warm, genuine hug as we met in person for the first time in the dark gravel parking lot and I could feel instantly that we would be fast friends.  The three of us managed to find the trail with just the moonlight coming through the clouds and began the four mile hike towards the top.

As we began the last mile, the woods started to get lighter, but the clouds had not gone.  We knew there wouldn't be a sunrise waiting for us, but the view below was beautiful.  The clouds rewarded our patience and for a brief time, the sun peaked through.  It was such a magical morning.

Thank you for pretending to hike just as slow as me, Nancy.