Jackson Square | New Orleans, LA | Michelle + Gavin

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Jackson Square Wedding | New Orleans, LA

Michelle and Gavin have family and friends all over the states and all over the world.  In October, they brought the people they love most to New Orleans for their crazy fun destination wedding in Jackson Square.  They said their vows in the historic square in the heart of the French Quarter, in front of the iconic fountain and cathedral.  At one point during the ceremony one could hear three different bands playing just outside of the square.

Some of my favorite parts of Michelle and Gavin's day:

  • The moment that Michelle's dad saw her in her wedding dress. The smile that spread across his face was something I won't be forgetting for quite some time. It's such a wonderful thing, to see your little girl grow up into a woman.

  • The necklace that Michelle wore belonged to Gavin's grandmother. I'm sure she would be so happy knowing how much it meant for Michelle to wear such a treasured heirloom from her new family.

  • Gavin's (and now Michelle's) nephew is quite the singer. During the ceremony, it was his voice that led Michelle down the aisle.

  • Hands down, my ultimate favorite moment during the day was the parade from Jackson Square to the reception location. If you've never before experienced a New Orleans parade - I highly recommend it. To watch Michelle and Gavin and every one of their guests dancing down the street together all smiles and laughter is not a moment I expected to find tears in my eyes. So much love and joy filled the dark street as onlookers took videos and photos with their phones. It was one of those moments that you just wanted to stop, watch, and hold on to just a little bit of their overwhelming happiness.

Thank you to Angelina who was second shooting that day.

Planning/Coordination: Quincy Groff @ Design My Day Events
Getting Ready Venue:  French Market Inn
Ceremony Venue: Jackson Square
Entertainment: New Orleans Classical and Jazz/Kinfolk Brass Band
Reception Venue/Catering: Napoleon House/Pigeon Catering
Florist: Pistil and Stamen
Dress: BHLDN
Make-up: Flawless Bride
Ring(s): European Jewelers

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