2017 Love Letter to my Family | Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer

Y'all are wild - just wild.  Which just so happens to be something that I can get wild about.  We've had so much fun this past year and it's difficult to image how we could make things crazier, more fun, and more ridiculous (at times) than we have this year after adding Moose, the shaggy sheepdog, to our family and as you boys keep growing.  You often eat more than adults do - you questions us more than I imagined you would by this age - and you challenge my brain to keep up with a lot of stuff, including home school that we took on for the 2017-2018 school year.

Next year, we add another boy, just like the two of you.  You will teach him all these little crude boy jokes that you roll around in fits of giggles over.  You'll fight over which one of you gets to fetch me wipes and diapers this summer.  I couldn't be happier to be your boy mom - to soon have three sons - and keep this adventure with you going.  I love you all to pieces.