Craggy Gardens Elopement | Asheville, NC

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This spring I was lucky enough to intern with Megan Gielow of MorningWild.  Over the course of three months I second shot 10 weddings and 2 elopements, drove tons of miles, breathed so much mountain air, listened to so many epic podcasts, stepped in horse/cow poo on a couple occasions, learned a lot, and laughed a ton.  Even now, as summer dwindles and fall tries to take hold, I am realizing more and more what I've learned from Megan - things that didn't make sense at the time.

I've been lucky enough to learn and be able to share all of it with you.  This is one of my favorites.

Quincy and Tyler drove from Indiana to elope in the mountains of Asheville.  On the hunt for beautiful mountain views for their intimate ceremony, we convoyed up and up, into a curtain of thick wispy fog.  We met them in the parking lot, and realized that we had lost the officiant who was (previously) on our heels. 

Nothing could dampen Quincy and Tyler's spirits - not the loss of the officiant or the overcast skies blocking their breathtaking views.  Regardless of the uncertainty ahead, whether or not they could officially become husband and wife that day, they ventured ahead, climbing to the pinnacle and keeping faith that it would all work out.

They held each other on the edge of the mountain as the fog quietly rolled over their happiness, keeping their secret, keeping them afloat.

Not to worry - we did find the officiant after driving up and down the mountain a bit, and on the edge of an overlook just below the bottom of the clouds, the two exchanged their vows and their smiles never left their faces.

Play the song and enjoy. <3

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Are you planning to elope near Asheville? I’d love to tag along.