Deb + James | Peaks of Otter Elopement | Blue Ridge, Virginia


Mountain Elopement | Peaks of Otter | Blue Ridge Parkway | Virginia Wedding Photographer

Deb and James had a ceremony with family planned when they decided to take a trip to the mountains to say their vows, privately - without a minister, at Sharp Top in the Virginia Blue Ridge mountains.  The parkway was fickle with us, sprinkling rain at times and billowing in fog.  Then suddenly, it was sunny.  You really never know what you're going to get in the mountains , but these two kept an open mind and for that, they were rewarded.

I had been out to the mountains just a couple weeks prior, hiking in the rain and in the snow, looking for the perfect place for these two to say their vows.  We didn’t expect the snow, but it came anyways.  When we came to Peaks of Otter, the sun was shining and it would have been a challenging (and rewarding) hike, but with my 30 week belly bump, I decided that I wouldn’t climb the (seemingly) million steps to the top, regardless of the weather.  A quick stop into the lodge revealed that in the warm season, there’s a van that takes folks close to the top so that it’s only a short hike to the peak.  I must say - that was extremely cheering news.

We arranged for a van to take us on a special trip to the top so that we could be up there to catch the sunset, if it ever decided to come out.  Mostly, the sun stayed hidden, but shone through just before it set on the horizon when it dipped below the blanket of clouds in the sky.  Needing to catch our ride back down the mountain, we couldn’t stay, but the light glowed on Deb and James’ smiles as we set off back to the lodge.

It’s a wonderful location and I encourage you to take a hike out that way if you’re in the area. For hiking information, visit HERE. For the Lodge, click HERE.

Big thank you to Jessie, who accompanied me there and back.  There are a few of her shots mixed in here.