Portraits of Childhood | Beginner Photography Workshop | Norfolk, VA

It happens all the time - friends and family members see the photos of my children on my Facebook and they say, "Oh my goodness, I need a new camera so that I can take better pictures of my kids too!"  So Christmas or Mother's Day comes along and they get a brand new camera kit, complete with a couple lenses. 

Thank goodness!  Now, they can take better pictures!

But after opening the box, they realize this camera is a lot more complicated than their phone and the photos, although they do look arguably better, still aren't quite as amazing as they thought they'd be.

What went wrong?

Nothing.  Absolutely nothing went wrong.  That new camera is more than capable to get the results they desire.  However, it takes some work to learn how to get those results.  I can already hear the cries, "No!!! I don't have time to search and watch YouTube videos, read photography books, and learn by trial and error until I get it right.  I want to take better pictures right now!"

When I picked up my first DSLR, I read every book I could get my hands on.  I watched countless youTube videos, took so many online workshops, joined photography Facebook Groups, found mentors, asked questions, and took thousands of photos to test everything that I had learned to develop my style and hone my skills.

I already did all of that so that you don't have to. 

Start your journey to taking better photos of your children by signing up for my introductory class Portraits of Childhood.  Learn with like minded parents who want to capture the beauty of childhood in your everyday.  We will go over everything that you need to know in one afternoon so that you will have all the knowledge to capture the joy and love that fills your life.

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Beginner Photography Workshop Class Norfolk Virginia