2018 Love Letter to my Family | Hampton Roads Family Photographer

We are complete now, my dear ones.

Our family has become whole, now that there’s five of us. We homeschooled, we went to new schools. We went on adventures in the mountains and in the city. You were my cheerleaders as I grew so big I could barely move. We hiked, danced, and hugged. You cared for me until your little brother came and then you opened your hearts to him. I love watching you love on our tiniest boy and the way he’s reminded us to cherish small things like smiles and chubby leg rolls.

I hand stitched together special bears for you both and Henry - you lost your first tooth. So many more have followed and the tooth fairy just can’t keep up. We got giant balloons for birthdays that lasted for days. We moved rooms around and I took way less photos than I meant to. But this year was big. It was busy and brought so many challenges that we overcame together.

William, you are starting to lose your baby face and my heart aches realizing how big you’re getting. But you still want me to sleep with you and tuck you in (tucky-tucky) every night or else you fall asleep in tears. Henry, you’d still have me sleep with you too and how I wish I could sleep with all of you, snuggled up so tight and cuddly in your room in the sky for all the years to come. You’re both so smart and silly and kind.

Finn. Newest, tiniest, most amazing baby we’ve ever had. You sleep through the night and even if you wake to cry, your eyes never open. I knew you from the moment they handed you to me because you look just like your brothers. But your smile is your own. Your eyes shine with your happiness and you giggle in your sleep as you lie next to me.

In some ways I feel like I am the mom now that I always wish I could have been when all of you were in your baby years. The post partum depression/anxiety is more manageable this time, thanks to all of our friends and family who have given us help and space when we’ve needed it.

Chris, I’m so grateful for you for so many reasons, I can’t even begin to list them all. Thank you for being my partner in this crazy adventure, year after year.