November 10 on 10 | Dipping my toe into film

I have been absent from this group for some months now, but as I feel winter creeping into our house and things are slowing down, I feel that I'm ready to return.  We are a little blog circle that shares 10 photos from the previous month.  Pretty straight forward, it's so nice to be able to connect and catch up on the things that have been keeping us occupied over the past month.  Today, I get to direct you to one of my best friends - Evelyne Lourenco.  For the past two years, Evelyne has been a constant encouraging voice in my life.  If you can believe it, I still have yet to meet her in real life, but one of my resolutions this next year is to meet her and her family that inspires her as much as she inspires me.  When you reach the end of of my 10, please continue on to hers.  I promise you'll be glad that you did.

I really don't remember if this was September - it very well could have been.  My Henry went off to first grade and began riding the bus home everyday.  I've been keeping my head down, learning new things and making a plan for 2017 and beyond.  I have this feeling right now that my whole family has their heads down.  I feel something brewing - big things are coming for us and we are all just getting ready.

I am being careful to not take this seemingly quiet time for granted.  We are busy and there's a buzz happening, but it's slow coming.  I'm happy to be patient and grateful for the chance to witness my boys moving through this phase.  They're getting SO big, growing into themselves, making their own plans, and making friends.  This childhood thing is so golden and so nostalgic, even in the moments that are happening right now.  The falling leaves and the cozy hugs just make me want to break down and cry.

Please continue on to my wonderful friend Evelyne's 10 on 10 this month by clicking HERE.