December 10 on 10 | Changing Seasons | Hampton Roads Family Photographer

This past month has felt WILD.  Here in Virginia we get to run around in our short sleeve shirts far into November and we take advantage.  The leaves are still falling.  Winter isn't here, even if our Christmas tree has come home.

December is William's birthday month.  In just 20 days he will be three years old.  He's going through a phase, a developmental leap where everything is suddenly different and all his emotions are at the surface.  One minute he's so angry and the next he's saying please and thank you with the sweetest smile.

Henry is also going through something, but I don't know what it is.  Maybe it's some kind of rebellion against growing out of his little kid phase.  It's frustrating and very... energized.  But school is going well and we are doing cub scout activities.

This month I'll be slowing down, photographing my family more than I have been and savoring this last bit of 2016.  These little people and our house are in for extra attention, movies in the middle of the day, and maybe a coat of paint to replace the blue in the entry way that I've grown oh so tired of.

I'm planning my blog post for the end of the year and I know how good it's going to feel to complete this 2016 circle and reflect back on where I was and where I am now.  This vista is not where I am meant to stay, but I am grateful for the view at this moment.

Thank you for joining me this month and please follow along to Cris Stephens's ten.  This month she's sharing her favorites from client work.

Also, see if you can pick out the film images within this mix :)