Bride/Groom Name *
Bride/Groom Name
Bride/Groom Name *
Bride/Groom Name
Bride Phone Number *
Bride Phone Number
Groom Phone Number *
Groom Phone Number
Planner/Coordinator Number
Planner/Coordinator Number
Getting Ready
For example, "Airbnb, address" or "Couple's home, address"
For example, bridal gown, shoes, jewelry, garter, bouquet, invitations, rings, veil, heirloom items
For example, "Airbnb, address" or "Couple's home, address"
Such as tie, watch, socks, boutonniere, heirloom items, custom items, etc.
Are we doing some family photos at getting ready lo *
For example, Groom's Family, Bride's Family, Individual Bridal Party
Please specify who, when, and where. If you have video services, it will be best to wait for everyone to arrive before present
First Look
Are you planning to do a First Look? *
Ceremony Information
Traditional, non-denominational, catholic mass, casual, theatrics, special performances, unusual ceremony orders, butterfly release, special readings by close family members or children, etc.
Bubbles, bird seed, rice. Drive around the block in a getaway vehicle...?
Consider the number of guests you may have and your timing. Receiving lines can take double or triple the time allowed and may delay the rest of your timeline. Contact me if you're wanting to have one and not sure if your current timeline will allow for one.
Special signs, unity candles, floral, etc.
Formal Portraits
Family Formal Portraits
Please check all groupings that you would like included
Include the ones selected above as well
Reception Information
If your venue is a hotel, please leave let or self-park instructions and how to validate parking tickets.
Please list and specify any special event, traditions, or non-traditional moments that I should be aware of during your reception.
Will you be doing...?
I always photograph details, but this space is for you to tell me which details are most important to you. For example, family photos that are displayed around the reception, centerpieces, etc.
Sparklers, bubbles, ribbons, etc.
It is recommended that you ask your caterer to allow the photographer(s) to eat at the same time as the bride and groom. It helps to ensure that important moments are captured.
Family Information
Deaths, divorces, disabilities, etc.
Bridal Party Information
Specify MOH and Best Man
If you need assistance with your timeline to maximize your photo time, please contact me. I got you.
Everything Else
This could be anything. Is there a special item that you want me to be sure to photograph that didn't seem to have a place listed above? A special person who isn't family that you want to make sure you get a candid photo of together?
If so, please list where you are going and the dates that you will be traveling.