hello there.
My name is Emma and
I’m a wedding + elopement photographer
based out of Richmond, Virginia.


You deserve to enjoy your wedding day, free of fake smiles and awkward posing.

Wedding photography doesn’t have to be like that.

Let’s capture the magic you already have inside of you - genuinely and effortlessly - so you can enjoy every moment and remember it forever.


What if

it didn’t feel like “working” with a photographer, and instead, was relaxed like you were just hanging out with an old friend

the photography bit was fun and easy

you spent more of your day the way you’ve always envisioned

you could have photographs that were of you - not just what you look like - but were of who you really are as a person and as people in love


This day could be yours.

As a wedding and elopement photographer, I bring this vision to life for couples all the time.
I want to do this for you, too.

photo by megan gielow

photo by megan gielow


I see you.

Yes, you - worried about being the center of attention on your day, so confident that you will be the most awkward person there ever was in front of a camera. Not sure if “relaxed” and “wedding” can even hang out in the same sentence together.

But past that, you know that you never want to forget this day. This big, important day in a series of days that becomes the precious story of your life. Your day deserves to be remembered and not just what kind of centerpieces you went with, but how it felt to be young and in love and at the beginning all over again with so much joy in your heart.

And because I’m supposed to tell you about myself at some point… read more about Emma




“ Working with Emma was a DREAM. Emma is someone who has the gift of instantly making you feel comfortable, accepted, and special. She goes out of her way to show kindness and thoughtfulness, and she is a skilled communicator who demonstrates clarity, humor, and charm. She was truly a breath of fresh air for us during wedding planning. As soon as we spoke to her, we knew we had found our person, and she totally exceeded her expectations. On top of all that human goodness, she is an extraordinary photographer who captured all of our special moments with ease, joy, uniqueness, and beauty. We are thrilled with our photos and will cherish them forever! ” - Lacy & Eric



How does all this work?

5 steps to stress free wedding photography

  1. Head over to my contact form and say hello!

  2. Grab an adult beverage and hop on the phone/skype to tell me all about your dream wedding day.

  3. Decide what coverage and delivery method works best for you.

  4. Reserve your date.

  5. Have your awesome wedding day and relive your moments in your photos forever!

Contact me to find out if your date is available!


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