The Guzman’s invited me to their home soon in Virginia Beach after they found out that they’d be moving to Korea. Their first family home, they wanted to remember the time they spent here with Gabby as she’s grown, making breakfast as a family, and snuggling in bed.

It’s not their first visit to Korea, but it will be the first time they’ve adventured there as a family. They’ll take with them all the memories of their first home.


From Andrea on being a mother -

“Being a mom is simultaneously the most wonderful thing in the world, and the scariest. The most wonderful because I get to experience the special bond only a mother and child can have, but also the scariest because I’m responsible for keeping this tiny human alive and teaching her to be a good person. 

Gabby completely changed our lives in the best way, and I am so lucky to be her Mama. It sounds so cliche, but I never knew I could love someone so much until I had Gabby. She has such a fun, easygoing personality and once she feels comfortable around someone, she’s not afraid to show her silly side. She amazes me with how quickly she learns things and how good her memory is. I know all too soon she’ll be going off into this world to accomplish great things so I am just trying to savor these moments and hold onto them while I can.”




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