Wedding Photography Giveaway - Winners Announced!

I received so many amazing entries for my giveaway - I can't thank you all enough for the love stories that I got to read.  There were so many amazing couples, it certainly was hard to narrow the list down and pick a winner.  So thank you all, truly.  I wish I could be at all of your weddings.

I'm so excited to announce tonight the winners of the top giveaway item: Ingrid Alli and Hamilton Graziano!

I'll share a little bit of their entry:

"We met gazing into each others eyes. We were both at a class our mutual friend and mentor was teaching about nonviolent communication and creating fulfilling relationships. She ended the class with a meditation circle and an eye gazing exercise with the intention of truly seeing each person in the room and to also allow yourself to be fully seen. When our eyes landed on each other neither of us could look away. We both talk about how it felt like seeing someone you haven't seen in a long time. The connection was instant, electric and palpable.

When we met we both already had plans to move away from our hometown of Richmond, VA. I was moving to Atlanta, GA to further pursue my acting career and Hamilton was moving to Thailand to teach English to Elementary school children. We dated for a whirlwind and unforgettable two months. It was truly magical and the beginning of a string of serendipities that we've come to expect on our journey together. After the two months were up, our mutual friend we met through drove Hamilton to the airport while I sat in the backseat holding his hand. We went our separate ways and considered those two months to be a to be a "shooting star" experience. Bright, hot brilliant and fleeting. Little did we know that three years later we would be planning a wedding . . ."

She also mentioned there might be a taco truck at their wedding.  I probably couldn't have asked for more.

Congratulations you guys!  I can't wait for your wedding next year!