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There are the things that are meant to be, the things that would always have happened because they were fated. The moments that are a result of a story that you tell over many cups of coffee, eyes glistening, breath quickening from an overload of emotion. You can feel it, when it happens, the moments you will always remember and cherish for the remainder of your days. I felt it, the instant I fell in love with this boy (who is now my husband) and in the dim light of my tiny apartment, his bare chest against mine, I could feel our future in my bones. The moment I held my first son, and I spoke his name that I had chosen years before we found out that we were pregnant. I feel it, every time I wrap my fingers in my youngest son’s blonde curls. The world slows down and I can feel the past, the present, and the future all at once. In these moments I know that I am exactly where I was always meant to be.

Then, there’s the mess - the chaos - the beautiful, beautiful chaos that life throws our way. This is when adventure takes our hand and asks us to jump, with or without fear. We are forced to open our hearts, grab on to what is most important, and put on our bravest face as we leap into the unknown chasing our dreams with intention.

I believe that everything in our lives is born of fate and chaos.

Our most important moments in life are surely a blend of these two things. The chaos brings you to your fate, and your fate often brings with it more chaos. And so, we take heart and embrace the two because the beauty in life is not in perfection, but in the mess that is uniquely yours and will prove to be your legacy.

Of Fate and Chaos is the way I approach each and every day, the way I cherish moments, the way I see the world.

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