I believe in capturing small quiet moments when your fingers get tangled together with someone else’s and the look in his eyes when you smile.  And the big moments, when you kiss for the first time as newlyweds and your guests erupt in cheers and applause.  I believe in capturing the bigness and the subtleness of love in all its forms.

You aren’t like everyone else.  You don’t care to fit your heart into a mold and be tamed.  Your photos should represent you and your love honestly, be captured with heart, and preserve the fleeting moments that will prove to be your legacy.


Moments matter.

All of your moments.




I.  About Emma

It's important that your photographer is someone that you'd want to spend a day with, laugh with, cry with.  Because if you book them, you will.


II.  Selected Galleries

Just a few of my favorite weddings and sessions that I've had the privilege of capturing.

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Sometimes you have a feeling about things.  If something you've read or an image struck a chord, don't wait.

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