Omgosh, first of all - CONGRATULATIONS!

If you have found your way here, you are probably super excited - because why wouldn't you be?  You're in love, engaged, and about to begin a whole new chapter of your life with your person, your best friend.  That's no small thing.

On your list of things to plan and do - your engagement session
Which is why it's so awesome that you're HERE because I'm giving one away to one lucky couple.

That's right, totally free.  (And it could totally be you guys!)

Not like, "I'll take your photos for free and then there's some hidden cost to actually receive the files."

Nope.  Nothing - nada - zilch.  Super free, for realzies.

Time to get excited...


Okay, now that y'all are properly excited, fill out the form below to enter.

The winning couple will be notified by e-mail on August 6th, 2018.


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To get an idea for what an engagement session with me might look like, check out a few of my favorites -