As excited that I am and that you're here - I need you to know that I can't be just your photographer.  Way before the wedding day, I'm going to be there for you - as someone that you can come to for any reason to make your day better + easier + more beautiful + more meaningful.  I make a huge effort to get to know each and every one of my clients for who they are as people and who they are as a couple.  Because every one has different personalities and love languages - not every relationship is going to look loud and silly or super romantic and introspective.  Whatever way that YOU are in love, is what I want to capture and that takes a little bit of rawness and vulnerability.  So if you feel like we could have a beer and let our hearts run a bit wild with the wind in our hair - we will definitely be a good fit.

I don't focus on showing you a bunch of details and family formal shots (I do take 'em though!), because those pretty and posed photos aren't going to be the ones that last your lifetime.  The ones that will last - the ones that keep coming back to you - are the ones that represent the memories you hold most dear.  Like your dad tearing up as he walks you down the aisle, or as you hold your grandmother close as she wishes your grandfather could be here for this day.  Often, wedding days don't go quite to plan and that makes the day even more unique and memorable.  We'll capture that too - the chaos, the love, and all the things that were meant to be. 

Someday when you set your wedding album on the coffee table for your children to look through, they'll see the beautiful, crazy, wonderful foundation on which their family has been built and you get to relive this day again and again, as you pass down your visual legacy.

At the end of the day, you just want to remember all the joy and all the love.

I’ve got you.