Hi! I’m Emma.

This is me in Scotland, my favorite place. If you can give me an excuse to go back, please do. Eloping, maybe? No? Totally worth it to ask.

I talk about my family a lot and I love showing them off because they mean the world to me. I am so grateful that my path has brought me to where I am now, where I was always meant to be - with them.  I wouldn’t be the person I am today without their influence and overwhelming love.

I am not the coolest of cools. I’m a simple girl - and my tastes are pretty simple too. I like things like watching the flowers in my garden grow from seeds. Enjoying a warm cup of coffee on our front porch. Giggling with my children and showing them how beautiful it is to have a family and be curious about the world. Holding hands with my husband when we’re driving or taking a walk with our littles. Pretty much the stuff life is about - trying to make a difference in the lives of those around you, no matter how small.

When we aren’t running around adventuring as a family, my favorite thing is capturing meaningful moments for people like you on really big days where we celebrate love and eat loads of cake.

What we make together aren’t just photos
- they’re everything.

You are more to me than clients. I know that we’re going to create something beautiful and
meaningful together so that should pretty much make us friends, if not family.

my family - my heart

I think you can get a good sense for who people are by seeing who & what they love.
**Not pictured is coffee, tacos, beer, and my cat who isn’t fond of me since I brought the children home.

Think we might make a good fit? Let’s be friends!

Tell me your story.
Share what’s in your heart.
Let’s capture what takes your breath away.