Moments Captured with Honesty & Heart

There are things that are meant to be, the things that would always have happened because they were fated.  The moments that are a result of a story told over many cups of coffee, eyes glistening, breath quickening from an overload of emotion.  You can feel it, when it happens, the moments you will always remember and cherish for the remainder of your days.  The world slows down and you can feel the past, the present, and the future all at once.  In these moments you know that you are exactly where you were always meant to be.

Then, there’s the mess - the chaos - the beautiful, wild chaos that life throws your way.  Adventure offers a hand, asking you to jump into the unknown with an open heart and with the promise of realizing your most sincere dreams.

I believe that everything in life is born of Fate and Chaos.

Our most important moments are surely a blend of these two things.  And so, we take heart, and embrace the two because the beauty in life is not found in perfection, but in the honest moments that are uniquely yours and will prove to be your legacy.

Of Fate and Chaos is the way I approach each and every day, the way I capture and cherish your moments, the way I see the world.



Hi! I'm Emma.

And those are my feet and my amazing husband of 8 years in our 100 year old house that we're constantly renovating. You can often find us hanging out in our tiny kitchen with our old english sheep dog and 3 crazy boys running in and out rummaging for snacks.

I talk about these people a lot, because my family is everything to me. I have no desire for reward past this life, because I'm pretty sure I have everything I could ever ask for already.

We like to run around on the beach, get lost in the mountains, and do our best to make even the most ordinary days an adventure.

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photo by the super cool Valerie Demo

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