Richmond Creative Engagement Photographer | MacKenzie + Hank | South Richmond Engagement | Richmond, VA

Richmond Creative Engagement Photographer | MacKenzie + Hank | South Richmond Engagement | Richmond, VA

South Richmond Engagement Session At Home - MacKenzie and Hank hang out at home with their amazing rescue dog, Penny. Richmond Creative Engagement Photographer | MacKenzie + Hank | Richmond, VA

Karina + Melvin | Canal Walk Engagement | Richmond, VA

Canal Walk | Short Pump Engagement Session | Richmond, Virginia Wedding Photographer

From the moment that I read Karina's first email to me, I was so excited to work with her and Melvin.  They are both creative, fun, and chill and I knew that their wedding would be the same.  In the next couple weeks they'll be getting married at the Historic Polegreen Church, so keep a look out for that one.

This is what Karina wrote me in that first email -

"Melvin and I are both artist. He is a rapper and I sing and act (I can also paint a mean picture under guidance of one of those wine and paint parties...seriously I painted an ostrich last week and not to toot my own horn but I'm pretty sure I can make like 15 dollars off of it). We met at Wawa, so romantic, on our way to a party. How perfect for all the stars to align for us both to stop at the same Wawa and then both show up to the same party amirght? Anyway he tried to shoot his shot at Wawa but I had other goals that night, when I saw him at the party he was just hanging out alone so I went to ask him where some mutual friends had gone and we ended up talking all night. He added me on fb the next morning and so blossomed this SIX year (in February) adventure. He proposed to me 2ish years ago by writing me a song."

We met up for tacos at Casa del Barco and then walked around trying to be awkward and serious but failed miserably in the process. 

Katie + Adam | Heritage Park Engagement | Blacksburg, VA | Lynchburg Wedding Photographer

Katie and Adam's engagement session was so much fun.  We were supposed to go to Wind Rock, not terribly far away from where our session ended up, but because of the snow and the roads to get there not being maintained - we had to find ourselves a new location - one that would speak to the beauty that Katie and Adam get to experience every day while they live here.

I can't believe I've never been to Blacksburg!  So many of our friends are Hokies, but since we are not and often find ourselves in the mountains going only as south as Roanoke, we had never seen the expansive beauty of Virginia Tech and how amazing the surrounding area is.  The New River comes through Virginia so close to here and the scenery was especially beautiful because of all the snow that began to fall the night before we were to arrive.

They were such troopers, even in the wind that chilled the air.  I can't wait for their wedding in Pembroke in July.

Jess + Kwiesi | Libby Hill Park Engagement Session | Richmond Wedding Photographer

These two were an absolute dream to spent time with during their engagement session at Richmond's Libby Hill Park, just down the road from their home.  I don't remember the last time I was with a couple that laughed so much and so hard and likewise, loved just as much.

It was wonderful spending the afternoon with these two.

Best of 2017 | Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer

I've had my best of 2017 photos chosen for weeks now, but couldn't find the words to do justice to the amazing privilege I've been given to serve every couple - every family - this year.  I had far more than my share of heartwarming adventures and you all have let me share in yours.  Still, as 2018 is already underway, I find myself reaching to describe what it's all meant to me.  The words may never come, but know that my heart is full and 2018 will only fill it further.

Thank you to all of you amazing people that let me share a bit of your adventure.