Jacquie + Ryan | In-Home Couples Session | Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer

I photographed Jacquie and Ryan's engagement photos two years ago near First Landing in Virginia Beach.  When we met, I knew instantly how much I liked them both.  Their excitement for their upcoming wedding that June radiated from them, but they have such a calmness about their being - about their relationship - that really felt right.  I could tell that in one another, they had found a home.

It's two years later and although I've watched them travel and grow together on Instagram, to see them again and feel the shift in the dynamic of their relationship was beautiful.  Now, they've actually got a home together - the coziest studio apartment I've ever seen, complete with a loft bed high up above their living space.  It's the perfect place for any young couple to start their journey growing together and it suits them so well.

I was lucky that they allowed me into their home one bright and chilly day to hang out, drink some tea, and photograph where they are right now.

Virginia Beach In Home Engagement Session
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Evelyn + Dakota | Anniversary Session | Norfolk, VA | Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer

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Evelyn and Dakota's anniversary session on the sands and in the waves of the bay was so much fun.  I've known Evelyn for a little over a year - we met at a Tuesday's Together meeting here in Norfolk.  Instantly, Evelyn pulls you in with her warm heart and her honest eyes.  I'm sure Dakota would agree.  She's a talented calligrapher (among other things) here in the area, and I am always inspired by the amount of devotion, creativity, and honesty that she strives to bring to all of her passions.  Having these two in front of my lens was such a pleasure.

Another treat for this session was the other photographer by my side - Lauren Keim who teaches photography classes at Virginia MOCA and whose film work I greatly admire.  You can follow her work on Instagram here: LaurenKeim

Meredith + Patrick | Lake Needwood | Rockville, MD

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All of my clients are wonderful, but Meredith and Patrick are quickly becoming my favorite people.  When Meredith wrote to me a few months ago, she told me that her and Patrick communicate about everything and try to wake up every morning with a completely renewed appreciation and vision of the other person.  I love how they recognize the need to be present in their relationship every day.  They are an inspiration to anyone in love and committed to growing together always in marriage.  

We spent their engagement session at their home, exploring their wedding venue down just down the road, and at Lake Needwood where they often come to run together.  I couldn't be more excited to share in their joy as they say their vows this Fall.

Jess + Pawel | Valley Forge, PA

I met Pawel at college in 2003.  We were not great friends at the beginning of our architecture program, but we were in the same studio class and spent every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning together from 9am-noon.  If you had asked me at the end of the semester if we would ever speak after our years at school were over, I would have laughed.  That feels kind of ironic now because as the college years went by, and we spent countless hours in studio together, we became wonderful friends.

Pawel is one of the few people who we asked to be present at our wedding and my husband and I attended his a couple years ago.

When I met Jess at a mutual friends wedding (in between our own), I instantly loved her.  Jess is kind, incredibly genuine and, most importantly, you could read how well matched they were to become best friends and life partners.

When Jess asked me to photograph them before the arrival of their son, I was overjoyed.  There's no greater joy than spending time with my wonderful friends, preserving their memories, and celebrating all the blessings yet to come.

Thank you guys, for sharing this with me.  I can't wait to meet your boy!

Intimate Couples Session | Norfolk Wedding Photographer

Today wasn't about the family Christmas photo.  It wasn't about an obvious life event, like a wedding or a birth.  No vows were made, no one graduated.  It isn't a request I get a lot, to come into someone's home and photograph them lying in bed.  Now I wish I could do this thing every day.

I could hear Amelia, their adorable one year old daughter, laughing in her crib across the hall.  They closed their eyes and they were the only ones in the room.

I'm not sure I was even there.

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