September 10 on 10 - Virginia Beach Family Documentary Photography

August was a blur.  July was a blur.  The summer has disappeared before our eyes and while I wouldn't say that we wasted even a second of our time - it does feel like it all went by faster than usual.  Probably because we were making such good fun.

Summers for us are always full of family visits, trips to the pool and the beach and the zoo, Henry's birthday in August, William wishing his birthday was in August, misbehaving and turning the hose on outside, and other general silliness.

The boys are growing and changing so quickly.  I know that people say, "It All goes by so fast."  While their childhood is far from over, it's true.  It feels like these little people have been with me my whole life and for only a second at the same time.  Every wedding that I photograph the mother son dance I am touched and saddened with the reminder that someday my boys too will grow up.

You'll find a mix of our summer here... I can't tell you if there are only 10 photos.  I am not inclined to count but these are my favorites from what we managed to take during the Month of July and August.  We purchased an underwater camera/housing to take to the pool.  Unfortunately I used it twice and took it with me somewhere and forgot the housing part in another state so we'll try again when I retrieve it.  Ha!  Henry's Birthday and the second year in a row that I have cleaned their faces, combed their hair, and forced them to stand near the window to have their portrait taken.  Henry didn't change quite so much, but William with his haircut looks so much the little man. 

Papa Jeff came to visit the last week of August and we went to the zoo and the beach a few times.  We finally got to see the lion clearly - after living here for 4.5 years!  Through a crack in the rock enclosure, we could see him relaxing in the shade.  Henry finally became comfortable in the water.  We've tried spending time in pools, taking him to organized swim lessons, taking him to lakes, even just filling up the bathtub at the house so that he could practice floating - nothing until this summer has worked.  I have never seen a person sink so naturally like he did.  Humans are supposed to float!  He needed to take his own time to get comfortable and trust himself as well as the water.  He has always held back until he's ready, no matter my encouragement or assistance and I try to remember to give him the space he needs.

So that's most of our summer - short lived, and busy, but traces of magic here and there.

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November 10 on 10 | Dipping my toe into film

I have been absent from this group for some months now, but as I feel winter creeping into our house and things are slowing down, I feel that I'm ready to return.  We are a little blog circle that shares 10 photos from the previous month.  Pretty straight forward, it's so nice to be able to connect and catch up on the things that have been keeping us occupied over the past month.  Today, I get to direct you to one of my best friends - Evelyne Lourenco.  For the past two years, Evelyne has been a constant encouraging voice in my life.  If you can believe it, I still have yet to meet her in real life, but one of my resolutions this next year is to meet her and her family that inspires her as much as she inspires me.  When you reach the end of of my 10, please continue on to hers.  I promise you'll be glad that you did.

I really don't remember if this was September - it very well could have been.  My Henry went off to first grade and began riding the bus home everyday.  I've been keeping my head down, learning new things and making a plan for 2017 and beyond.  I have this feeling right now that my whole family has their heads down.  I feel something brewing - big things are coming for us and we are all just getting ready.

I am being careful to not take this seemingly quiet time for granted.  We are busy and there's a buzz happening, but it's slow coming.  I'm happy to be patient and grateful for the chance to witness my boys moving through this phase.  They're getting SO big, growing into themselves, making their own plans, and making friends.  This childhood thing is so golden and so nostalgic, even in the moments that are happening right now.  The falling leaves and the cozy hugs just make me want to break down and cry.

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