I want to tell your story with honesty and heart.

Hello, I’m Emma.  I’m a photographer, artist, storyteller, wife, mother, adventurer.

Authentically telling your story is my passion.

Great loves almost always have a long crazy story about how they came about.  The food you never really cared for as a kid is your favorite, the boy you never took notice of is the man you fall for and marry, and the hobby you never thought you’d have becomes a passion that you plan to make your life’s work.  How that comes about and the way it makes you feel - words can never do it justice.  That’s probably why I love photography so much, because it gets us so much closer to paying the tribute to the feelings you’ll never find the words for.  Plus, I’m a really terrible writer - so that’s a bonus.

When I was a kid, I wanted to work at Taco Bell or be Bozo (does anyone remember him?).  Later, I thought I was going to be an architect, so I went to architecture school.  There, I met my husband and my world flipped a little bit.  A lot of stuff happened in-between then and now but, it’s because of him and our two sons that my perspective on life has changed.  

They add so much love and craziness to my life that has helped me grow as a person, a woman, and a mother.  I am so many things I never thought I would be because of them and a photographer is definitely on that list.

Because of them, I believe in things I cannot prove, I listen to my heart and love deeper than I ever thought I could.  The crazy just adds to the adventure.

I believe that everything in our lives is born of fate and chaos. 

There are the things that are meant to be, the things that would always have happened because they were fated.  Then, there's the mess - the chaos - just as beautiful. This is when adventure takes our hand and asks us to jump.  Our most important moments in life are surely a blend of the two.  The beauty in life is not in perfection, but in the mess that is uniquely yours and will prove to be your legacy.

Oh, and I like beer.  And coffee.  And food.

So thank you, in advance, for considering me to be a part of preserving your heritage and leave for your children and grandchildren the story of your love.

I also believe in letting your heart be your guide.  Sometimes you just have a feeling about things.  If you feel ready, or have questions, please get in touch using my contact form or by email - hello@fateandchaos.com .  I would love to hear about the special day you're planning.